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Записи с темой: relationship (список заголовков)

Happy anniversary

Mad fox, bad fox, just another dead fox.
2 месяца этим отношениям.. ура?

я дура

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Life is a fkn RPG

Mad fox, bad fox, just another dead fox.

My shame

Mad fox, bad fox, just another dead fox.
Ok, so I am really ashamed and dissapointed in myself. pathetic, fucking pathetic(((The reason? I have not moved on. She has, long long time ago, and I haven't. Logically speaking, I know why. Only the influx of new feelings/information will force the old feelings/information out but the new ain't happening is it? And it appears that nothing new will happen for a while, a long while at that. So... I am stuck in replay. Its a fucking groundhog day without the chance to correct my mistakes. Just rewind and replay all the good bits and the painful bits in my mind. Stocking does not help)) The fact that she created a profile on every major russian and english social media site doesn't either) But the problem is me and hence the question: how does one moves on when one is stuck and cemented in his position in life? Or am I? There is probably a solution which I am just not able to see. I need some cold home truths at this point but my ENTJs have abandoned me((( Guess I am well and truly on my own this time. Honestly, the only solution that comes to mind is to dump myself in work and study. Go cold turkey on her at least until such time that I can make meaningful contact. Seriously, if I gave up smokes I should be able to do this. Love is just another form of chemical dependancy, no?

Anything but thinking about her. Books, manga, anime, work, studies, TV etc. Anything! I would say alcohol but thats a dangerous path to take (only because I will lose control and go cyber-stocking again).

Today is 3rd of April, as good a day as any.
Do it Драйзер! Because you can!

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