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Book reviews - 2017

Mad fox, bad fox, just another dead fox.
я решила что мне надо научиться писать обзоры книг (и вообще больше читать и писать в принципе), а то библиотекарь я или нет в конце концов. Ну вот и буду записывать книги которые прочитала в этом году, заодно посмотрим сколько я читаю за год. У меня есть колллега которая читает в районе 230 книг за год! О_О

Первая книга 2017го, а также последняя книга 2016го была:

Shi'i Islam : an introduction/Haider, Najam Iftikh
Academic book by the US based academic from an Indian Shia background (my guess) so obviously it’s a Shia perspective. The book covers the history behind Sunni/Shia split and follows the historic development of the three main Shia groups: Zayyadis of Yemen, Ismailis and the Twelvers. Author also explains how particular Shia-specific beliefs influenced the historic development of these communities and how theological framework of Shiism evolved over time. The book provides overview of the current conditions and contemporary challenges that each of these groups are facing. Sunni/Shia relations are discussed in a separate chapter.
Book is written in an academic style, well researched, full of useful footnotes and provides a reading list if one wants to learn more about a particular topic.
It’s a good starting point for a reader interested in the Shia history and the nature of Shia beliefs. Some background understanding of Islamic beliefs is required and the comparison of Sunni and Shia beliefs is beyond the scope of this book.

Foxcraft : The Taken/Iserles, Inbali
The reason I picked up this children's book was its beautiful cover, the reason I’ve started reading it was the fact that Inbali Iserles is one of the authors of Warrior Cats series and I absolutely fell in love with those books who write as Erin Hunter and are responsible for a number of best-selling animal fantasy series. I wasn’t disappointed! The Taken is just as good as WC series with a bit more magic thrown in. The protagonist is a brave and quick-witted female which is a plus. Fox cub Isla returns to her den to find it destroyed and her family missing. Strange vicious foxes are after her and so Isla goes on the run in the big city both to try to find her family and to escape the foxes that destroyed her den. In the city she meets a dashing young fox with strange powers and is drawn into mysterious and dangerous world of foxes, wolves and powerful ancient foxcraft.
In short: Inbali is amazing, the book is awesome and I can't wait for the next book in the Foxcraft series : The Elders.

на русском

The Answer/ Allan and Barbara Pease

Ok, so this is ‘The Secret’ repackaged in a scientific or perhaps pseudo-scientific format, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All science claims have proper references at the back so that’s encouraging and I do believe that at least in some part the message of ‘The Secret’ can be close to truth. So I thoroughly enjoyed The Answer as well since I can accept scientific terms much easier than the New Age hippy style of the The Secret. Book is full of personal experience and it’s a plus. Allan Pease is the author of Body Language bestsellers and tells the story of his rise to the top, fall from grace and another rise to the top of bestsellers list. Author certainly deserves credit for his tenacity if nothing else. The Answer brings together pretty much all of the ‘positive thinking’, Law of Attraction and other related techniques and bundles them together. I would buy this book and reread it perhaps once a year or so, just to remind myself to practice these principles since I do accept them in theory. I just don’t practice them consistently.

The no spend year : how I spent less and lived more / McGagh, Michelle
To be honest, I was hesitant when I picked up this book. What can it teach me that I didn’t know already I thought. It didn’t taught me anything new in the way of saving money, apart from a recipe for a homemade vinegar based cleaning solution but it did teach me something about people’s attitudes towards consumerism.
The author, a freelance journalist based in London, decided to go a year without spending on anything apart from food, mortgage repayments, internet (for work), insurance and a few other items that her and her husband deemed to be essential. So no spending on cosmetics, travel, clothes, entertainment and other things that we spend on without giving it a second thought. The book is about managing your life on the budget that’s makes a ‘bare bones’ budget look like extravagance. And while author and her hubby certainly had some difficulties while living this way, the book is mainly about how not depending on disposable income have changed the way they interact with each other, their family and friends and the wider world. Its about changed perceptions and opening yourself up to new possibilities out of sheer necessity and ending up creating a new, more balanced and harmonious way of life. A way of life where you spend to live, not live to spend, where cash is no longer king and the lack of cash in no longer an obstacle.

The Tygrine Cat/Iserles, Inbali
The Tygrine Cat on the Run/Iserles, Inbali

A well written animal fantasy from one of the authors of Survivors series. A very different looking cat appears suddenly at a busy London market place. He doesn’t remember where he comes from, only that his name is Mati and he came to London by ship from a far away land. Local cats had allowed him to stay but the newcomer is viewed with suspicion. Soon enough there is plenty of reasons for suspicion to be justified as strange and unprecedented events begin to occur with Mati seemingly in the thick of it. Little do the local cats know that ancient and powerful forces are about to enter their lives and their peaceful market place will become a battleground for the essence of the Cat’s spirit.
I like animals and I like fantasy and I really liked Inbali’s Foxcraft series but there is way too much fantasy in these books for me. It all ties up really well in the end but I do prefer a simpler world of Warrior Cats. Themes of love, friendship, loyalty and courage are the corner stones of these books. As they should be seeing that these are books for school age children. Still, I’ve enjoyed them. Apart from being a great storyteller, I think Inbali has knack for coming up with some good memorable rhymes as well. As a person who enjoys poetry this small aspect had certainly added to the overall pleasure of reading her books.

Getting started in shares for dummies / Dunn, James
This is a good book for both beginners and those with a basic experience and an understanding of a share market. You will definitely learn something new whether it’s a new tax tip or a fascinating piece of corporate history. Just like the rest of ‘for Dummies’ series the book is organised well and is easy to understand. Unlike so many US centric books on the subject this one is focused on the ASX and Australia and provides useful insights both into the market and our tax system. It also covers the basics of personal investing principles. It’s was published in 2016 so it is very current and I do recommend it to any Australian who is interested to learn more about investing in shares. My personal take away from this book: shares require way more attention than I am prepared to give to my investments so its ETFs all the way for this grateful reader.

The Faithful and the Fallen trilogy/Gwynne, John
The Last Wild trilogy/ Torday, Piers
The N2 Feline detective agency/ Morton, Mandy
Cat among the pumpkins : a Hattie Bagshot mystery / Morton, Mandy
The Death of a Downton Tabby / Morton, Mandy
The simple path to wealth : your roadmap to financial independance / Collins, J.L.
The barefoot investor : the only money guide you'll ever need / Pape, Scott
Warriors: Dawn of the Clans / Hunter, Erin
Brilliant! Loved it! Actually liked it more than some of the other WC series.
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it was the fact that Inbali Iserles is one of the authors of Warrior Cats series
разве? а откуда такая информация?
Я ее никогда не видела в списке авторов КВ,

2017-01-17 в 22:47 

Mad fox, bad fox, just another dead fox.
Kit, хмм, информация была с обложки книги, но сейчас я проверила и оказывается она участвовала в написании Survivors series отсюда, а не нашего любимого КВ. Спасибо что поправила мою ошибку :) Кстати интересный урок в написании рекламного текста на обложках))) Потому что они совершенно точно упомянули что она одна из пишущих под псевдонимом Хантеров и чуть ниже привели чью-то цитату рекомендующую эту книгу любителям КВ. Ничего удивительного что менее осведомлённые сложили один и один и получили три :gigi:

2017-01-17 в 23:24 

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Red_Gold, аха) Хитро они завлекают)
Так что про Survivors Там ведь стоит Хантер, хотя авторы уже другие.
А я просто удивилась, когда прочла)
Кстати интересный урок в написании рекламного текста на обложках))) Потому что они совершенно точно упомянули что она одна из пишущих под псевдонимом Хантеров и чуть ниже привели чью-то цитату рекомендующую эту книгу любителям КВ
Ну да)) и про это) Хотят чтобы точно книгу купили)
Но да ладно) Главное. что хорошая)


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